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Introducing the new release of Philips Azurion with SmartCT
The next leap in simplifying and advancing 3D imaging
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Philips Azurion Neuro suite 7 B20/15 with SmartCT
Prof Costallat and Dr Gascou share their experiences with the Azurion system and SmartCT (3D imaging) during diagnosis and treatment in the Azurion Neuro suite.
The importance of 3D imaging in neurovascular interventions
Interventional neuroradiologists from CHU - Montpellier and Hôpital Bicêtre - Paris talk about the importance of 3D imaging during neurovascular procedures. “If you can’t see, you don’t understand ... and if you don’t understand … you cannot treat” Prof. Laurent Spelle – Hôpital Bicêtre – Paris
Simplifying and advancing neurovascular device planning with Sim&Cure through Azurion ConnectOS
Philips Azurion with ConnectOS enables the introduction of third party specialized software right into the angio suite.