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Efficiency, safety, and reproducibility in neurovascular treatment that’s adjusted to each patient’s needs
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Established in 2014, Sim&Cure has successfully treated over 5000 patients in 400 hospitals, with 170 healthcare professionals across 30 countries.
A Multifactorial Approach to Optimize Results: Providing new tools to enhance daily clinical practices and streamline patient care through patient-specific analysis, Helping healthcare systems to master the cost per surgery and improve the patient care at the same time, Creating partnerships to improve the accuracy of the treatment.
Sim&Size is our exclusive 3D computational Software using modelling to visualize in real time the placement of endovascular devices dedicated to the treatment of intracranial aneurysms.
With four unique modules, Sim&Size™ assists a clinician in selecting the best size of flow diverters, coils, laser stents and intra saccular devices. From device visualization to an expanded treatment strategy.
One software. Four modules. Ensure patient specific sizing accuracy
FDsize: Improve and facilitate Flow diverter sizing in clinical routine IDsize: Enhance intrasaccular device sizing and positioning in the clinical routine FCsize: Confident quick coiling in clinical routine STsize: Choose the right size and position for laser-cut stents in clinical routine Achieve better clinical and economical outcomes.